Dress Up Devendra Banhart and Contest

File this under ‘A Complete Waste of Time’ but I also happen to think it’s really clever. On Devendra Banhart’s new website, there’s a section that allows you to dress him up in any way you want! I love all the weird shit they have to choose from, like the purple poncho with the uni-bomber glasses or his boating shorts.

We should totally have a Dress Up Devendra contest where we see who can come up with the best outfit! Here’s the deal, create an outfit, take a screencap of it, then post a link to the image in the comments. If you don’t know how to make a screencap, or how to host a picture somewhere, you’re automatically disqualified and no, I can’t help you, haha… As Christian from Project Runway says, it better be “Ferosh”!


P.S. I also found this random picture of Devendra running around in his underwear looking like a 12 year old girl with a moustache that made me laugh.

March 4, 2008