Two Lines Align: Geoff McFetridge & Ed Fella at REDCAT Tonight

I’ve been waiting months now for this day, the opening of Two Lines Align, the Geoff McFetridge and Ed Fella show at the REDCAT. The show was curated by Michael Worhtington, and it explores the “the shifts in the perceived cultural worth [of art and graphic design] over time”. The way they did this was to start with Fella’s body of work, and then move into McFetridge’s more contemporary stuff, which makes the exhibit span over the last 30 years or so. I’m pretty sure that Ed Fella taught McFetridge at CalArts, and I know that Michael Worthington also went there, so you can kind of see the connection between all of the pieces.

The opening reception runs from 6 to 9 tonight, and should be amazing considering who’s involved and where it’s at. Be sure to come out if you’re in the area, I have a feeling that this is going to be a pretty big deal. I will be there camera in tow to document the whole dang thing, so expect to see some pictures tomorrow!


P.S. If you’re gonna’ go to the show, look for me, I’ll be wearing slip on vans with bacteria painted all over them.

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The Amazing Shape by Chris Gray

Chris Gray is a British illustrator who put himself up to the task of creating a (decent) illustration everyday for 30 days and calling it The Amazing Shape. Well today was his last day, and they all look so amazing. I love how he displays them on t-shirts as big bold prints. I’m pretty sure that I would buy each and everyone that he came up with. They remind me somewhat of Grotesk, but only because of his simple color choices and how purely graphic they all are.

He’s thinking next he’ll do a series of skateboard decks, which would also be very cool. Definitely worth 10 minutes of your time.

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Possible Scene From ‘Where The Wild Things Are’

UPDATE: Sorry, the powers-that-be pulled the plug! I hope a bunch of you got to see it!
UPDATE 2: Let’s try this again folks!

A possible new scene from the upcoming ‘Where The Wild Things Are‘ movie has surfaced, and I guess Warner Bros. doesn’t want anyone to see it yet, obviously because they don’t want the surprise ruined. But here it is anyway, because I was totally intrigued by it! The clip looks very much like a Spoke Jonze film, but it certainly doesn’t look like a kids movie. If anything, this looks like a movie that adults are going to relate to through their memories of the book.

One weird part is that the “Thing” you see there is supposed to be Jams Gandolfini’s voice, but it’s definitely not. My guess is that they dubbed in someone else’s voice just to get the mouth parts animated. For those who don’t know, the bodies are real, giant costumes, while the faces (and I’m guessing tails) are computer generated. It’s an ambitious project, and I’ve heard the script is amazing, but sadly the movie has so much work left that it’s not coming out till 2009. A real bummer, but something to look forward to for sure.

Here’s what Spike had to say about the clip:

“That was a very early test with the sole purpose of just getting some footage to Ben our vfx (visual effects) supervisor to see if our vfx plan for the faces would work. The clip doesn’t look or feel anything like the movie, the Wild Thing suit is a very early cringy prototype, and the boy is a friend of ours Griffin who we had used in a Yeah Yeah Yeahs video we shot a few weeks before. We love him, but he is not in the actually film…Oh and that is not a wolf suit, its a lamb suit we bought on the internet. Talk to you later…“ – Spike Jonze

Well that explains it!

Found through Friend & Stranger via Ain’t It Cool News


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iPod Shuffle Is Now $50

As of this morning, there’s no reason that any reasonable person shouldn’t own an iPod. Apple today dropped the price of their 1GB Shuffle from $79, to $49, and will also be releasing a 2GB model later this month. I have a last-gen 60GB iPod, but I would love to have a Shuffle to go running with, and this is such a good reason to get one now. Do you know how many middle school and high school kids are going to get Shuffles for graduation? And come X-mas time, it’s gonna be nuts. These will be even MORE of a stocking stuffer item.

But does this also mean that possibly something else could be coming out? Usually when Apple makes a move like this it means they’re trying to get rid of existing stock to usher something new in. What that could be, I have no idea… possibly a flash hard drive? A tiny-ass screen thrown onto the 2GB version? haha… I have no idea.


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Last Week in Music | 2/10/08 – 02/17/08

Even though I touted that all of my music was being recorded just great, I’m still not sure it is. This kind of seems like everything, but I dunno…

First up was Grand Archives, who like I wrote yesterday, are really good, and I had them on repeat for quite a while. Next up was Jens Lekman, because I finally got ‘When I Said I Wanted To Be Your Dog’, and that put me in the mood to listen to more.

After that are probably my top three favorite bands in the world, Belle and Sebastian, Radiohead, and Modest Mouse, but only MM old stuff. Everything after ‘The Moon and Antarctica’ makes me want to jab a hot skillet in my eye. Nothing beats good ol’ ‘This is a Long Drive for Someone With Nothing To Think About’. Then came The Kings and The Beatles, both staples of a Bobby musical diet. Then Patten, some band I found from Myspace, and Sondre Lerche, the modern day Burt Bacharach.


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Good Cause Project T-shirt by The Quiet Life

My good friends at The Quiet Life have a new t-shirt for sale as a part of their Good Cause Project. The Good Cause Project is an ongoing series to raise money and awareness for The Cystic Fibrosis Foundation, something that’s personally important to them. For the first installment of the project, they held a t-shirt design contest and let people submit ideas. The winner was another Kitsune Noir friend Neil Doshi, who came up with the rad design you see above.

A really cool part of this project is that everything was donated to The Quiet Life, so they’re able to then give 100% of the proceeds directly to The Cystic Fibrosis Foundation. They’ll be posting the final amount in the beginning of the next season.
The shirts come in Charcoal and Light Blue, and go for $25 or $30, depending on how fancy a t-shirt you want.

Please help out a really good cause and go buy a great looking t-shirt.


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The Grand Archives by Grand Archives

I came across the Grand Archives oddly enough, through a recommendations from GQ, one of the things you should be talking about this month. Well, it turns out they were definitely right as I haven’t been able to stop listening to their new album, The Grand Archives.

The band was formed by ex-Band of Horses singer and guitarist Mat Brookes, who gathered some of his Seattle friends together and started a band that wouldn’t be so damn depressing (a la Band of Horses last album), but sound much more inspired by the pop sounds of The Beach Boys or The Bee Gees. And honestly, if you compare to BoH, you’re listening to something much more detailed and pop-oriented, with lots of harmonizing and folk-y riffs.

I had wondered what the hell happened to BoH, because their new album is pretty horrible, and it kind of feels like Mat Brookes was definitely the heart and soul of that band. But thankfully he’s put those parts somewhere else, and he and his friends have created a wonderful album, which coincidentally comes out this Tuesday from Sub Pop.

Audio clip: Adobe Flash Player (version 9 or above) is required to play this audio clip. Download the latest version here. You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser.

Miniature Birds by Grand Archives (mp3)


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The New Fantastic 4

I picked up the new issue of Fantastic 4 last week, #554 to be exact, where writer Mark Millar and artist Bryan Hitch have started their run on the comic. These guys are only household names if you live with someone who reads comic books, but they could be compared to a guy like David Fincher, who makes movies that are not only smart, but flashy and edgy as well. The two worked together previously on a comic called Ultimates, sort of a contemporary take on The Avengers, but filled with the moral and political issues of our modern day society.

But now they’ve set their sights on bringing back one of Marvel’s most recognizable heroes to the glory they haven’t experienced since the 60’s or 70’s, honestly. Their run is slated at being 16 issues, almost a year and a half, and the first issue doesn’t disappoint. Within the first 10 pages, you’re subtly shown what each character’s powers are, and even a slight nod to how they got them. After that, it starts to feel extremely real. Millar’s characterizations are spot on, and you don’t feel like you’re reading a comic, it’s like you’re reading an issue of your favorite well written TV show.

That idea is also helped entirely by the amazing art of Bryan Hitch, who is hands down one of the best artists in the industry. His character’s feel absolutely real, such as seeing She Hulk sitting down on the couch with a more normal sized person. She Hulk looks like she’s 7 feet tall because she is 7 feet tall. Or when Sue (The Invisible Woman) is sitting on the opposite couch relaxing, suddenly an old love of Reed’s (Mr. Fantastic) teleports into the room. The first thing Sue does is put up her hair, realizing that she looks like she a mom and not the hot chick from the F4. It’s these subtle details that really make this something different from normal comics.

At the end of the issue you’re left with a pretty big reveal, drawn in a typically epic style that only Bryan Hitch can do so well. If you have any interest at all in comics, pick this up. If you’ve never read a comic in your life, go pick this up. This is a great place to start and should lead up to some pretty exciting things over the next year or so.


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