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Crayon Physics Deluxe

I’m pretty sure that we’re reaching the point of indie video games being produced at the same quality level as mainstream systems like Wii or PS3. Take for example flOw, a game that started out as an MFA thesis project in game mechanics and ends up being finding a home on the Playstation 3. I feel like Crayon Physics Deluxe is going to end up falling into the same category.

The game is ultra simple, you need to make the ball touch the star, that’s it. The reason this is so fun is that you have to use your imagination in order to make that happen. watching the trailer, it looks like it would be an absolute blast to play. This game is totally made for either the computer, or one better, the Nintendo DS which has a stylus already. I think games like these really go to show that indie gaming community are pushing more boundaries than the bigger video game developers. How many more war or racing games do we really need?! The most creative games of the last 10-15 years are games like Parappa the Rapper, Ico, and Katamari Damacy, which pushed the envelope of what’s creative and interesting.

Crayon Physics Deluxe doesn’t have a release date yet, but it did win the Best Game at the Independent Games Festival which netted the developers $20,000. That should definitely help the game get some legs, so hopefully we get to play it soon!


Live-Action Akira Movie Coming in 2009

That little headline got me all excited. A week ago revealed that the most well known anime in the world is getting the Hollywood treatment next summer. The rights were purchased by Warner Bros. who describe the film as “Blade Runner meets City of God”, which when you think about it like that, it sounds even better. They’re also saying that the movie going to be based more-so on the manga than on the anime, which should make for a much bigger story. One thing that FirstShowing mentions is that it might be taking place in “New Manhattan” instead of a neo-Tokyo. This would be pretty damn annoying if it was, Japan is the perfect setting for this movie, and always will be.

I think as long as they get a good director, don’t butcher the screenplay, and give it a decent budget, this should be awesome. They should just let the Wachowskis do it since they’re already directing Japan’s other most famous anime, which is also being produced by Warner Bros. I don’t even care for them that much, I just don’t think they’d screw up.

Who else would be cool for this project? Leave me some suggestions in the comments.


Sawaki Suushi

People drawing weird-ass monsters these days is a dime a dozen, but drawing weird-ass monsters in 18th century Japan? That’s what I’d call an innovator. Pink Tentacle has a really post about Japanese artist Sawaki Suushi who was known for his youkai, or art that depicted monsters and ghosts and other spirits. The painting above is from ‘Hyakkai Zukkan’, which was a picture scroll finished in 1737. 1737!!!

I love the Japanese, but man they’ve been weirdos forever! The best the old Europeans could come up with were dragons and other lame things. it makes me wonder if people were actually afraid of these sorts of creatures and spirits or if they were the equivalent of old wives tales. Either way these paintings are totally rad and beautiful. Definitely head over to Pink Tentacle and check out the rest of the paintings along with descriptions of the beasts!


FAMILY’s One Year Anniversary Art Show

This Thursday FAMILY, one of the best indie book stores in LA, is celebrating it’s one year anniversary with a giant sized art show. The show is appropriately titled ‘Thank You’, and features 26 artists with styles all over the place. The list includes Geoff Mcfetridge, Aaron Rose, Will Oldham, Joanne Oldham, Dave Eggers, Paper Rad, Ian Svenonius, Mike Mills, Cheryl Dunn, Phil Elverum and a whole lot more.

It’s weird to think they’re shop has been open a year already. I remember last year wandering in there randomly and being excited by the amazing books and the absolutely beautiful Jordan Crane wallpaper. And then a few weeks after that they had their opening party and I got tipsy on Dewars and then ate at Canter’s for the first time. I’m guessing the show starts around 7 and goes till everyone gets kicked out.

Here’s to another year of good memories from FAMILY!


Pottok, Wallpaper by Geoff McFetridge

Two Geoff McFetridge posts in a day, oy vey!
I had to post this though, because it’s rather exciting. Geoff Mcfetridge has started his own wallpaper company called Pottok. I looked up the word pottok and it’s a pony native to the Pyrenees, though I’m not sure what this might have to do with wallpaper.

The wallpaper itself is hand-printed in California using water-based inks and aren’t treated with any chemical waterproofers as well, making them eco-friendly as possible. As of now he has 8 designs up with almost all of them having multiple colorways. I actually have a piece of Shadows of the Paranormal framed and hanging in my room which I got from Walnut last year. I’m guessing the best way to get the wallpaper is to call or email them, which you can find on their contact page.

And if you’re in LA, they’re having a little get together at Walnut Wallpaper on Thursday night from 6 to 9 to celebrate their new location and the start of Pottok. I’ve put all of the available patterns under the cut, so check ’em out.

Edit: Just wanted to let everyone know that the wallpaper is being carried through Walnut Wallpaper, they aren’t a part of Pottok. This makes me imagine Geoff and his daughter printing wallpaper out of his garage, haha…

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Wish Come True by FriendsWithYou and STRANGEco

As I said in the previous post, I received TWO packages this morning, one from Solitary Arts, and the other from the folks over at STRANGEco. I’ve posted many a time my love and devotion for Friends With You, so they sent me a set of the new Wish Come True collection! The toys are like Friends With You’s take on vinyl figures, making these figures not only for adults, but kids as well. Each figure has a weighted bottom and a bell inside, so when they roll around they jingle.

My personal favorites are Mr. TTT, “a shape-shifting mystery”, Malfi, and Buddy Chub, who “brings friendship to all things, from tiny atoms to your best buddy and everything in between”. There are also three bonus characters, Super Malfi, Zozo (the universe) and Zozo (dimension x), which I’m sure are super rare and I didn’t get any of those! You can also go to the secret Friends With You site which features a secret game that includes a map which you put stickers on. Once you’ve gotten all 9 stickers on your map, you send it to the folks at FWY and you can win a whole bunch of prizes, like a full set of FWY plush and tons more. The first 10 people to complete the map and send it in are the winners!

I’ve decided these guys are going to live on my desk here at work, they make make me happy in the goofiest way. The figures come out in the end of March, so be sure to keep your eye out for them! Also be sure to check out all the photos under the cut.
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Fun Solitary Arts Stuff

I woke up this morning really unsure about what I was going to post about today. I usually have lists both written down and in my head, but I wasn’t really feeling it. That was until the FedEx guy came by and dropped off TWO packages for me, both filled with awesome, awesome stuff. Let me just say that I don’t get a lot of free shit coming to me every day, nothing of the sort. I just don’t want anyone thinking that I’m somehow rolling around in piles of free stuff…

The first package was from Yong-Ki over at Solitary Arts who used some of my photos from Geoff McFetridge’s new show on their blog. For those who don’t know, Solitary Arts is a skateboard company run by Yong-Ki and Geoff. Well Yong-Ki was nice enough to send over some pins, some stickers, and a really big, awesome, McFetridge drawn Solitary Arts poster. This just increases the massive number of pieces of art that I need to get framed! The pins are rad, which feature the little furry man and have the SA logo as well. The stickers have those designs as well as round ones that look their Black Egg wheels. Really fun stuff. I also got the most AMAZING sticker ever, which I actually took a picture of at Geoff’s show. I wanted some of this so badly, and now I’m going to put it all over my car windows, haha…. Click here for the mega sized view of it.

You can pick up the stickers and pins from the Solitary Arts Mini Skate Shop, but the poster is a one of a kind, hand silk screened just for me… that might last part might not be true. I have no idea about the sticker, maybe if you buy something or ask nicely they’ll send you a chunk?

Check out more photos of everything under the cut.
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Jar Tops by Jorre van Ast

Taking something old and giving it new life has become a common design idea these days, so it’s really cool to come across these Jar Tops from Jorre van Ast. The idea is really simple, you take an old jar, maybe from some jam or baby food, then screw on the new lid, re-purposing it to become a water jug, a chocolate sprinkler, a milk jug, a sugar pot, or oil & vinegar set.

I always hated throwing away jars, thinking that I should re-use them for some other project or to hold knick knacks, but I couldn’t even find a good use for them. Now it looks like there are at least 5 good reasons to keep them. The idea needs to be sold to IKEA so that can buy these for $1 dollar a piece, and not like $20 for the set of them.

Found through DESIGNWS