Pottok Wallpaper Launch at Walnut Wallpaper

Last night I popped over for the launch of Geoff McFetridge’s new line of wallpaper, Pottok, as well as the opening party of Walnut Wallpapers new store. When I got over to the store there was no parking to be found anywhere, but thankfully Walnut was cool enough to have free valet parking for everyone who attended the event.

Inside they had all of the Pottok wallpapers lining the walls, a big table full of food, and free pins were being given away. But the best giveaway of the night had to be the samples of wallpaper which had been cut with a scalloped edge and signed on the back by Geoff himself. I grabbed two samples, which are definitely going to be framed and hung in my bathroom asap.

It was also pretty rad because I saw a ton of people I knew, including Amber who works at my office as an intern, the lady from Walnut who’s name I can’t remember because it’s too late, Lisa who I used to write with at LAist, and an old friend who really wasn’t happy to see me, haha… It’s just weird because everyone seemed to know each other, proving just how small of a world it really is. I also had a chance to talk to Geoff for a minute as well and he told me that one of the designs, which is not on the website but I do have pictures of under the cut, features a ton of people he knows including his assistant and was made in part for a friend who passed away.

Be sure to check out all the photos under the cut for a ton of wallpaper fun.


February 29, 2008