Brand New Iron Man Trailer

A new Iron Man Trailer has popped up onto the web, and man-oh-man they keep getting better and better! This time around you get a better idea of the general story, that the people who capture him use his Iron Man schematics to make a bigger, scarier kind of Iron Man. I’m guessing it’s supposed to be a variation of The Crimson Dynamo, but in the movie he’s called Iron Monger. The trailer is absolutely mind blowing looking, especially in the special effects department. The part where he opens those flaps to create drag and goes zipping behind the jets… so effing rad.

Two other exciting things to note that I noticed on IMDB. Sam Jackson is going to be playing Nick Fury, which is coo because the NIck Fury in Marvel’s Ultimate universe is modeled after Mr. Jackson. The other odd cameo is Ghostface Killah as a “Dubai Tycoon”, who’s first album was also named Ironman, so I’m guessing his cameo isn’t exactly a coincidence.

The movie comes out May 2nd, and I’m totally ready to camp out for this one.


February 29, 2008