Sawaki Suushi

People drawing weird-ass monsters these days is a dime a dozen, but drawing weird-ass monsters in 18th century Japan? That’s what I’d call an innovator. Pink Tentacle has a really post about Japanese artist Sawaki Suushi who was known for his youkai, or art that depicted monsters and ghosts and other spirits. The painting above is from ‘Hyakkai Zukkan’, which was a picture scroll finished in 1737. 1737!!!

I love the Japanese, but man they’ve been weirdos forever! The best the old Europeans could come up with were dragons and other lame things. it makes me wonder if people were actually afraid of these sorts of creatures and spirits or if they were the equivalent of old wives tales. Either way these paintings are totally rad and beautiful. Definitely head over to Pink Tentacle and check out the rest of the paintings along with descriptions of the beasts!


February 27, 2008