Ladd Magazine Holder by METAPHYS

I can easily admit that I have a problem with magazines. I think I always have, though now-a-days my 25 year old paycheck is larger than my 19 year old paycheck, so I tend to buy a lot more. This habit leads to having stacks of magazines all over my apartment. But if I had something like this Ladd Magazine Holder by METAPHYS, this probably wouldn’t be so bad, and my apartment would be a lot cooler looking.

I’m not entirely familiar with METAPHYS, though I know they all into the same minimal, Japanese design category as Muji and plusminuszero. Basically it’s awesome stuff you can only get in Japan (Muji being the recent exception). Ladd up there goes for ï¿¥49,800, or about $50 dollars $500 DOLLARS. I totally put my decimal point in the wrong place, and now I regret posting these. They are rather cool, but nowhere near $500 cool. I’ll just got to some craft fair and buy a ladder made out of branches or something…


February 27, 2008