Wish Come True by FriendsWithYou and STRANGEco

As I said in the previous post, I received TWO packages this morning, one from Solitary Arts, and the other from the folks over at STRANGEco. I’ve posted many a time my love and devotion for Friends With You, so they sent me a set of the new Wish Come True collection! The toys are like Friends With You’s take on vinyl figures, making these figures not only for adults, but kids as well. Each figure has a weighted bottom and a bell inside, so when they roll around they jingle.

My personal favorites are Mr. TTT, “a shape-shifting mystery”, Malfi, and Buddy Chub, who “brings friendship to all things, from tiny atoms to your best buddy and everything in between”. There are also three bonus characters, Super Malfi, Zozo (the universe) and Zozo (dimension x), which I’m sure are super rare and I didn’t get any of those! You can also go to the secret Friends With You site which features a secret game that includes a map which you put stickers on. Once you’ve gotten all 9 stickers on your map, you send it to the folks at FWY and you can win a whole bunch of prizes, like a full set of FWY plush and tons more. The first 10 people to complete the map and send it in are the winners!

I’ve decided these guys are going to live on my desk here at work, they make make me happy in the goofiest way. The figures come out in the end of March, so be sure to keep your eye out for them! Also be sure to check out all the photos under the cut.


February 26, 2008