Fun Solitary Arts Stuff

I woke up this morning really unsure about what I was going to post about today. I usually have lists both written down and in my head, but I wasn’t really feeling it. That was until the FedEx guy came by and dropped off TWO packages for me, both filled with awesome, awesome stuff. Let me just say that I don’t get a lot of free shit coming to me every day, nothing of the sort. I just don’t want anyone thinking that I’m somehow rolling around in piles of free stuff…

The first package was from Yong-Ki over at Solitary Arts who used some of my photos from Geoff McFetridge’s new show on their blog. For those who don’t know, Solitary Arts is a skateboard company run by Yong-Ki and Geoff. Well Yong-Ki was nice enough to send over some pins, some stickers, and a really big, awesome, McFetridge drawn Solitary Arts poster. This just increases the massive number of pieces of art that I need to get framed! The pins are rad, which feature the little furry man and have the SA logo as well. The stickers have those designs as well as round ones that look their Black Egg wheels. Really fun stuff. I also got the most AMAZING sticker ever, which I actually took a picture of at Geoff’s show. I wanted some of this so badly, and now I’m going to put it all over my car windows, haha…. Click here for the mega sized view of it.

You can pick up the stickers and pins from the Solitary Arts Mini Skate Shop, but the poster is a one of a kind, hand silk screened just for me… that might last part might not be true. I have no idea about the sticker, maybe if you buy something or ask nicely they’ll send you a chunk?

Check out more photos of everything under the cut.


February 26, 2008