FAMILY’s One Year Anniversary Art Show

This Thursday FAMILY, one of the best indie book stores in LA, is celebrating it’s one year anniversary with a giant sized art show. The show is appropriately titled ‘Thank You’, and features 26 artists with styles all over the place. The list includes Geoff Mcfetridge, Aaron Rose, Will Oldham, Joanne Oldham, Dave Eggers, Paper Rad, Ian Svenonius, Mike Mills, Cheryl Dunn, Phil Elverum and a whole lot more.

It’s weird to think they’re shop has been open a year already. I remember last year wandering in there randomly and being excited by the amazing books and the absolutely beautiful Jordan Crane wallpaper. And then a few weeks after that they had their opening party and I got tipsy on Dewars and then ate at Canter’s for the first time. I’m guessing the show starts around 7 and goes till everyone gets kicked out.

Here’s to another year of good memories from FAMILY!


February 26, 2008