Jar Tops by Jorre van Ast

Taking something old and giving it new life has become a common design idea these days, so it’s really cool to come across these Jar Tops from Jorre van Ast. The idea is really simple, you take an old jar, maybe from some jam or baby food, then screw on the new lid, re-purposing it to become a water jug, a chocolate sprinkler, a milk jug, a sugar pot, or oil & vinegar set.

I always hated throwing away jars, thinking that I should re-use them for some other project or to hold knick knacks, but I couldn’t even find a good use for them. Now it looks like there are at least 5 good reasons to keep them. The idea needs to be sold to IKEA so that can buy these for $1 dollar a piece, and not like $20 for the set of them.

Found through DESIGNWS


February 25, 2008