Julian Schnabel’s Palazzo Chupi

Reading through the newest issue of Vanity Fair I came across an amazing article about Julian Schnabel’s architectural masterpiece, the Palazzo Chupi. As some may know, Julian Schnabel is a man of many talents. Most recently he directed the movie ‘The Diving Bell and the Butterfly’, but he’s also been a painter, and obviously, a part time architect. He helped create the Palazzo Chupi while he directed ‘Diving Bell’, communicating through faxes drawings and questions about the project in New York as he worked on the movie in France.

He had bought the building itself in 1997 for $2.1 million dollars and used at as a place for his family live, previously using it as a refuge from his divorce and as a painting studio. The really amazing part is that he added the entire top of the building, basically anything that’s dark salmon colored. The architecture itself was inspired by Addison Mizner and Stanford White, two of Schnabel’s favorite architects, as well as Scrovegni Chapel in Italy. The building itself is split into a triplex, two duplexes, and two single-floor homes, so this is a very cozy 50,00 square foot building.

I personally think the building itself is immensely beautiful, a breath of fresh air away from the sometimes overwhelming contemporary minimalism or weirdness that abounds today. I didn’t even fully realize how much I enjoy hand made things until I really started reading about this. The idea of hand troweled plaster on a wall so much more comforting than white, flat walls. The inside decor is a but gaudy for my taste, but it looks like it would be really fun to come home to every night as well. I’m also in love with all the hand laid tiles and the wood paneling, as well as (I’m sure) amazing views of the Hudson River.

If anyone is in the market for buying a new space in Soho, you too can move into this beauty of a place for a mere $27,000,000! Check out more photos under the cut.


February 22, 2008