Photos from Two Lines Align featuring Geoff McFetridge

Last night after work I headed right over to the REDCAT for Two Lines Align, Geoff McFetridge and Ed Fella’s new show. I’d never been to the REDCAT before (REDCAT stands for Roy and Edna Disney CalArts Theater, it’s in Downtown LA) so it was fun to finally see what it’s like inside. The space itself was really big, think of a large restaurant, and includes a big gallery space and a laminated plywood-looking bar area.

Geoff McFetridge definitely took advantage of the space, painting giant murals and constructing a big installation which you get to walk through and in. He of course had work on the walls as well, but another cool thing he did was have a display box with a ton of his commercial work, like Virgin Suicides posters, the Nike Vandal Supremes he made (which I wanted to STEAL! haha), and even the Rooney logo, which I had no idea he made. It was pretty gratifying to see his work in person finally. I was talking to my friend Frank about his work, and we decided that it’s hard to do something really complex, but it’s just as hard to create something extremely simple, and therein lies his genius for me. I also got to talk to him for a few minutes and he was a really nice, cool guy.

I wasn’t a big fan of Ed Fella’s work, it was too all over the place for me and didn’t have enough cohesion. But if he helped inspire Mr. McFetridge in anyway, then I’m extremely grateful for his work. Check out under the cut for a TON of pics, and then check out a TON more on my Two Lines Align Flickr set.


February 21, 2008