Detergent T-shirt by us

One of my favorite things about this blog is finding young and talented designers who are starting to come up in the world. This description fits well with the London trio over at us (yes, all lowercase), who are creating a lot of really clever work. I had seen their identity work for the Kingston University degree show, and thought it was extremely fun and well done.

What caught my eye on my most recent visit to their site was the Detergent T-shirts they created as “mementos for festivals throughout the summer”. The point of the shirt is to be worn while you’re out getting muddy and gross at Reading or one of the other festivals, then you throw all your dirty clothes into the washer and the detergent releases from the t-shirt fibers and cleans all of your clothes. The second cool part is that the shirt also has a unique pattern and limited numbering on it, but you can only see the design after you’ve washed the shirt. They won a D&AD Global Student Award for this clever little idea, which I think is pretty fitting.

Check out the rest of their site for more interesting projects like this.


February 21, 2008