Son of Rambow

I just watched this trailer for the upcoming movie ‘Son of Rambow‘ and I think it looks amazingly cute. The movie is about a pair of boys, one named Will, who was raised in the Plymouth Brethren faith (think of the Amish) and the other, Lee Carter, a troublemaker who makes weird home movies. They strike up an odd friendship through a viewing of Rambo: First Blood, and then start making odd movies together.

The movie obviously becomes a little more complex, like Will becomes Lee’s stuntman, and they start to get popular and more kids want to be a part of it, causing tension and so on. But the movie looks absolutely adorable, and makes me wish my childhood was more like that, because it was kind of like that. Except for the becoming popular part.

The movie was already released in the UK, and it should be in the US on May 2nd in selected cities.


February 20, 2008