Kitsune Noir on Alltop

Last night I received an IM from the lovely Jean over at NOTCOT, and this morning an email from Guy Kawasaki letting me know that Kitsune Noir has been included into a new aggregation site called Alltop. The site features the best 30 or so websites in certain topics such as Autos, Celebrities, and in my case, Design. This way you can see what’s happening across the board on these blogs. It’s totally a copy of popurls, but with more topics and with much cleaner design.

Personally, I’m just shocked to see the blog up there. I know people read +KN, but it’s still odd to me. I kinda’ feel like the homely girl who grew giant boobs in high school. Anyhow, check out the site, it’s certainly well done and interesting to go through.


February 20, 2008