iPod Shuffle Is Now $50

As of this morning, there’s no reason that any reasonable person shouldn’t own an iPod. Apple today dropped the price of their 1GB Shuffle from $79, to $49, and will also be releasing a 2GB model later this month. I have a last-gen 60GB iPod, but I would love to have a Shuffle to go running with, and this is such a good reason to get one now. Do you know how many middle school and high school kids are going to get Shuffles for graduation? And come X-mas time, it’s gonna be nuts. These will be even MORE of a stocking stuffer item.

But does this also mean that possibly something else could be coming out? Usually when Apple makes a move like this it means they’re trying to get rid of existing stock to usher something new in. What that could be, I have no idea… possibly a flash hard drive? A tiny-ass screen thrown onto the 2GB version? haha… I have no idea.


February 19, 2008