The New Lomo LC-A+

Flipping through the latest issue of Vapors I came across this Lomo ad and it immediately made me smile. But as I was reading it, I noticed that this wasn’t just the regular old LC-A, this was the LC-A+, meaning they’ve made it better!

I have an older LC-A which I really love, but seeing the improvements they’ve made makes me want to get a new one. First off there a cable release thread so you can take long exposure photos so much easier, and there’s a multi-exposure switch, which just sounds fun. It’s neat to see that they’re still trying to improve upon the design of the camera, even though it’s pretty stunning as it is.

Also be sure to check out the LC-A+ gallery if you’ve never seen what kind of photos you can get, they’re extremely beautiful.


February 16, 2008