Drown Your Boats by Swoon at New Image Art

Earlier tonight I went to Swoon’s Drown Your Boats show at the New Image Art, and I was totally floored by how amazing it was. I knew who Swoon was in a vague way, but I wasn’t entirely familiar with her work, so it was amazing to see it in person.

Swoon works primarily in cut paper, which I’m pretty sure she wheat pastes to walls. It was astounding to see all the tiny pieces that make up her work. The pattern in the photo above is all tiny bits of hand pasted paper, there must have been hundreds of them all over the walls. Her paintings were also really amazing as well, I was really in love with all the colors that popped through. I also think that most of the show was put together with scraps of found things, like old plywood and cardboard.

I’ve finally found a use for my Flickr account and stocked it full of photos from the show, 34 in total. I’ve also put some more photos under the cut as well for those of you with an aversion to Flickr.


February 16, 2008