Pepsi Raw

Pepsi has decided to try and woo the health conscious people of the world with it’s newest Pepsi incarnation, Pepsi Raw. The fizzy caramel cola we all know is losing the artificial ingredients and are instead being replaced by apple extract, coffee leaf, cane sugar, and sparkling water. This change will also drop the drink anywhere from 10-30 calories, I’ve seen different figures floating around. As of now Pepsi Raw will only be served in certain bars and clubs in London, Manchester, Glasgow, Brighton, Birmingham, Leeds and Liverpool.

I know a whollleee lot of you folks reading this blog live in England, so what are the chances of one of you snagging a bottle and sending it to me? I don’t really drink soda all that much anymore, but I’m really interested in trying it. I mean, look at how sexy the shape of that bottle is! Those upward shaped rings that curve around it are totally sensual. And the minimalism of the font on the glass bottle with the brown liquid inside, it’s a dream!

You can read more about the logo designers Ziggurat over on Design Week.

I’ve also posted two Pepsi Raw advertisements under the cut, which are quite revealing


February 13, 2008