Laser Etched Skate Deck by Sans Nom

That UPSO guy is all over the place these days. He has his personal site, his UPSO site, a record label, he also runs Faesthetic (and I’m guessing their blog as well), is the “special projects manager” for Threadless t-shirts, and is half of Studio Sans Nom along with his wife, Jemma Hoestetler.

As I was browsing around Sans Nom I came across this awesome deck they did as a part of Refill Mag’s 7 Laserdeck Skateboard Show. I love all the crazy details that have been lasered into the wood, it’s so amazing that it’s even possible to do something like that. I think more people should start working in wood, and spend less time on the computer. But then send me photos of what you made so I can post it on my blog…

More photos under the cut, so check ’em out.


February 13, 2008