A Bunch of Spore Updates

Wired put up a really great gallery/article with some updates about Spore.
First off, the game is being released September 7th for Mac, PC, and Nintendo DS, all at the same time. That’s still quite a ways away, but Will Wright has figured out how to keep everyone happy till then… a Creature Editor! It’s going to be released a few months before the game comes out, and will allow you to make creatures just like you do in the game. It’ll tell you as soon as Spore comes out, and allow you to import the characters you’ve made as well.

Another cool detail they’ve leaked is that you can start the game at any point. So if you don’t want to start out in the “cell” portion of the game, you can jump directly into the making of your creature. I think this could be helpful especially if you’ve played the game a million times and are sick of being a tiny shrimp in the evolutional tide pool.

I guess there’s also something hidden in the center of the universe, which you can try and find once you get the space travel ability. Will Wright and his creative team have totally done it again, and I’ll be posting more of these nerdy posts as more info becomes available.


February 13, 2008