New Drawings / Nude Rawings

Later Saturday after the Murakami exhibit, my friend Garrett and I headed out to Santa Monica, Bergamont Station to be specific, to see the Travis Millard / Mel Kadel show. We ended up getting there kind of late, so there weren’t any drinks left, but there was lots of rad art!

I’m pretty in love with Travis Millard’s artwork, with all of the super fine details in his pieces, not to mention the over the top violence and gore. It was also cool to see his work up close, and let me tell you, it’s just as flawless in person. I also had a chance to talk with him briefly as the show was ending an he was a really cool guy. He ended up giving me a mini-book with a lot of the art from the show in it, which I’ll post up some pictures of soon.

Until then, check out the more photos from the show under the cut!


February 11, 2008