Last Week in Music | 2/03/08 – 02/10/08

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Painter in Your Pocket by Destroyer

Last week I was all over the place, listening to a lot of things I hadn’t really listened to in a while.

First on the list was Destroyer, whom I didn’t really like in Swan Lake, and I’ve never been a big fan of the New Pornographers, but I like him a lot more on his own. His new album Trouble in Dreams isn’t quite as good as his last album, Destroyer’s Rubies, but it’s still a good listen. My favorite track from Destroyer’s Rubies is definitely Painter in Your Pocket. It doesn’t catch you at first, but a full listen through should grab you.

After that was Vampire Weekend again, still being played a lot. Then Kings of Convenience, who need to a) come out with a new album, and b) play 14 live shows in Los Angeles alone. Their music is so great, I just need more of it! (Fun sidenote, Feist is on the last song of the Kings’ album, Riot on an Empty Street, while Eirik Glambek Bøe sings on the last track of Feist’s new album, The Reminder. Sharing is caring!)

The rest are usuals, though The Books and The Elected could certainly use new albums as well. Moreso The Elected because of the really disappointing last Rilo Kiley album (I blame Jenny! haha…)


February 11, 2008