Dwell Magazine Redesign Party

Last night I attended a Dwell magazine party at FORDBRADY, a rather hip furniture store located almost downtown, but not quite. The party was in honor of the new redesign of Dwell, as well as their upcoming conference, Dwell on Design. The party probably would have been cool if I had known anyone, but sadly I’m not over 40, nor an architect or a furniture designer. So that sort of limited to who I was going to talk to. The only person I ended up knowing was Andy Dick, and that boss guy from Ally McBeal who liked touching neck waddle.

But they did serve Stella Artois and give out gift bags, so that was good. They also gave out the new issue of the magazine, and I have to say that I’m liking the new redesign now. I wasn’t 100% convinced with the last issue/first redesign, but this one has me sold. The main feature in this issue is about small spaces (under 1000 sq. ft.), which is interesting to me because my apartment is no larger than 300 sq. ft. One thing that does bother me a little is that some of the stories start to look like ads, causing me to a double take to see if I should be reading it or not. But overall, it’s a worthy redesign, still providing an entertaining read.


February 8, 2008