Arkitip No. 0044

For the latest issue of Arkitip they’ve handed over control to the designer’s over at Wood Wood to guide the magazine as well tie it into the Highmath show that’s happening in Berlin presently. The issue itself is doubling as the exhibition catalog, and comes along with a black View Master and 3 image reels which show the work from the show. The show features a ton of great artists including:

Andrew Schoultz, Chris Lindig, Ed Templeton, Evan Hecox, Cody Hudson, CR Stecyk III, Eric Elms, Gary Benzel, Geoff McFetridge, Jo Jackson, José Parlá, Josh Petherick, Kaws, Killpixie, Michael Leon, Kevin Lyons, Michael Perry, Parra, Phil Frost, Perks, Peter Beste, Peter Sutherland, Richard Colman, Ryan Waller, Shepard Fairey, Todd St. John & Steven Harrington

I think this is kind of funny because I posted about wanting to make a black Kitsune Noir View Master last May, so obviously I was onto something! The issue including View Master and reels is $45.00 and you can order it here.


February 8, 2008