New Image Art Shop

The New Image Art Gallery is hands down one of the best galleries in all of Los Angeles, at least if you enjoy the sort of art you see on this blog. Every now and then I check out their website to see if they have any good shows coming up, but the last time I went I noticed that they have a shop!

And sure enough, you can buy all sorts of original pieces and prints from a ton of different artists. This is probably a bad thing to discover, as I know have a poster buying problem, but it’s cool to see that there’s a place to buy artwork from some of the best artists out there. The list includes people like David Ellis, Kelsey Brookes, Faile, Geoff McFetridge, Neckface, Cody Hudson and about 20-30 others. So if you’re in the market for so rad new art, definitely pop over.


February 7, 2008