Vampire Weekend at Amoeba Records

Last night I ended up heading over to Amoeba Records to see Vampire Weekend play. I figured this would be my only chance to see them in the near future since their show at the El Rey in March is already sold out.

I got there around 6 pm, and the show started at 7, so I thought I’d have a pretty good spot. I was wrong. The first two aisles on each side were already filled to the brim with people, which meant I wasn’t that far away, just far enough to make taking photos hard. Jonah Hill from Superbad was also hanging out as well. I wanted to give him my card but he vanished before I could!

The show itself ended up being really good, and they were really great live. They nearly played their entire album, it is quite short, but I was particularly happy that they played M79 (which is about a bus or bus line), The Kids Don’t Stand A Chance, and ended with Oxford Comma. By the end, all of Amoeba was jam packed with people listening, which kind of surprised me.

As for my photos, I think they turned out pretty shitty at first, but I tweaked the hell out of them and made ’em look like they came out of an Urban Outfitters catalog. So if you think they look lame now, you should have seen them before!


February 5, 2008