Letters & Numbers / Steve Rura

Earlier today I came across Letters & Numbers, the portfolio site of Steve Rura, and was so excited by how creative his work is. Steve graduated from Cooper Union in 2002 and now does freelance design from Brooklyn, New York. His site is a breeze to go through, and it’s also kind of fun because you have to click on a project’s name in order to see it, otherwise there’s just a gray back there. He works in a ton of mediums, including package and graphic design, motion design, sound design… you name it and he has it on there.

My favorite of his projects are the cans and brand identity he did for Nestea, and the calender books he created. The Nestea campaign is absolutely stunning, with a ton of variation as well as making the brand something extremely hip. It’s too bad that Nestea didn’t take his advice, it’s this kind of direction they could really use.
The calender he created is made of blank moleskine books with bold photos on the fronts of each one. You have one for every month of the year, and you fill it as you go. I think this is such a great idea because you could totally keep these on your shelf forever! How cool would it be to look back 5 years ago and see all the stuff you were doing? It could potentially be bad, especially if you started dating someone new, but whatever.

Also be sure to check out the concept spots he did for a television channel that never came to be called The Rabbit Hole. Beautiful imagery and awesome sounds.


February 4, 2008