Current State Concept by The Greener Grass

Sort of like the Starbucks QuickOrder Concept I posted about last month, The Greener Grass has come up with a program that could be extremely beneficial in so many ways.

The concept is called Current State, and basically it would show you how much energy your house or apartment is using, as well as taking control of it. The idea starts with the “Plug-Ends”, which plug into electrical outlets, and then you plug your lamp or toaster into the Plug-End. This allows you to turn whatevers plugged into it on or off remotely through your iPhone. Then you have the software, which gives you real time stats about your house’s energy usage, including a room by room display, and detailed room displays letting you know how much energy each outlet is using.

This is kind of sci-fi, I will admit it, but it’s definitely not impossible. Having something like this would save people money, as well as help the environment. The only head scratching part is how the program would know what your house or apartment looks like. I’m sure someone could create a program a la The Sims that would allow you to map your house out.

I can’t wait for a slew of new programs to pop up for the iPhone!


February 4, 2008