Stand Alone and Smile by Tommi Musturi

While I was at Family I also picked up this other mini-book by Tommi Musturi called Stand Alone and Smile. As far as I can tell, Tommi is a Finnish artist who makes tons of art books, and I mean TONS. A visit to his site Boing Being gives you an idea of just how many of these books he’s actually made.

I didn’t really think much of the cover, but I loved the deep navy print that the book is printed with, so I decided to pick it up. Inside there are some weird drawings of tons of random looking creatures and things, but then there are also som really beuatiful drawings of things that resemble flowers. I was totally taken by how beautiful these were, the organic shapes all coming so naturally together.

Check under the cut for some more pictures from inside.


February 3, 2008