Fulltime Dreamer by Noah Butkus

Earlier today I was checking out the website for Family, an LA bookstore that carries a pretty independent and weirder selection of books. I noticed that they had a new mini-book by Noah Butkus, one of my personal favorite artists right now, so I popped over to Family to pick one up.

The book is black and white, thought th paper is more of a creme and less white. It’s got 24 pages of bloody knives and swords, hooded phantoms and a ton of keyholes. If this interests you, you can always pick one up at Family’s website for $12.

And if you’re in LA, and bored tonight, head over to Family where they’re having an unveiling of their new window display. There will also be performances by Mudboy and Megafuckers, and silkscreened posters as well.


February 3, 2008