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Incidental Nature at GR2

If you’re looking for something to do Saturday night here in LA, be sure to stop by GR2 for the kozyndan, PCP, Robert Belim show called Incidental Nature, which starts at 6:30. I really enjoy both kozyndan and PCP quite a lot, and I’m not familiar with Robert Belim, but it should be really fun. Dan writes in his livejournal that this could be the last exhibit featuring their bunnyfish (so I’ll have to try and get one!), and that they “will be in the midst of a chance encounter”. Shock and surprises around every corner!

Be sure to come out and support some awesome artists!


Fecal Face Gallery

I just wanted to send a quick congrats to the folks over at Fecal Face for buying a new gallery space! The closed the Low Gallery about two years ago, but now are getting ready to open the new Fecal Face Gallery, starting with a big group show some time in the middle of February. So all of you SF kids should keep an eye and an ear out, it should be a pretty rad deal.

Congrats Fecal Fellows!


Italian Caramelle Candies

For as long as I can remember I’ve never had much of a sweet tooth. I like birthday cakes, and seasonal pies, ice cream every now and then, but that’s pretty much it. But when I saw the amazing Italian candies posted over on Ms. Adventures in Italy, it totally made me hungry for some sweets! She does a really cute post about caramelle’s, which in Italy are usually hard candies and are usually non-chocolate. Most of the candies she shows are made in Italy, and there are tons of different types of flavors like absinthe, green tea and coffee.

Definitely check out her wonderful post, and prepare to satisfy your cravings!

Found through Tastespotting


Cloverfield Doesn’t Dissappoint

Last night, Jeff and I, along with two of your friends, went and saw the midnight showing of Cloverfield at Mann’s Chinese Theater. When we arrived, there was a line that wrapped around the theater, and almost to the end of the block. Jeff and I were freaked out that we weren’t going to get in, and out friends hadn’t met up with us yet, so we were worried about them as well. Thankfully, Mann’s Chinese Theater has an occupancy of almost 1500 people, and all of us were able to get in without a problem. But nonetheless, by the time the movie started, the entire theater was filled. 1500 people.

Now let’s talk about the movie. I’ve been extremely excited to see this movie since the first teaser came out. And I can definitely say, without any doubt in my mind, that it is an absolutely AMAZING movie. The movie’s use of hand held camera definitely owes a lot to The Blair Witch Project, and is used so spectacularly, that you definitely feel like you’re a part of the movie. It also scares the shit out of you. There are parts in the movie, where the entire crowd, all 1500 of us, were screaming, squealing, and jumping out of our collective seats. I literally sat in the theater slightly shaking because I was so wrapped up in what was going on.

The movie also made me think of 9-11, not to sound like Rudy Guiliani. I think that they treated the movie with such realism, that you couldn’t help but think of it. But if anything, it showed just how strong and determined we are, especially when it comes to our survival. I don’t want to talk about the monster at all really, but what I can say is that it’s extremely well done, and feels real. It’s not cheesy, and it won’t disappoint.
More than anything, I can’t wait for the DVD to come out so I can see all the extras features they’ll hopefully give us. I will literally be buying this DVD the day it comes out.

One thing I want to note in particular, that I missed when I watched it. Be sure to pay very careful attention to the right side of the very last scene. You’ll be able to tell if it’s the last scene, I promise. But there’s something there that I missed, and I don’t want anyone else to miss out on it.

All I can really say is GO SEE THIS MOVIE! AS SOON AS POSSIBLE!!


P.S. If you’ve seen the movie, and want to know what the secret is at the end of the movie, highlight the hidden text below, which I’ve put in white. I can’t confirm if this is true, but it says it on the Cloverfield Wikipedia page, and has yet to be taken down so far, so I think it’s valid.


The final scene returns to the recorded-over footage from the month before, where Rob and Beth are enjoying a date at Coney Island. The camera pans to the side and a falling object splashes into the water on the horizon.


Taschen Warehouse Sale

Starting today (or tomorrow in some places) Taschen is having their Warehouse Sale where you can find slightly damaged and display copies of their amazing books for 50-75% off. If you live in Europe, the sale starts today and ends on the 19th. If you live in America, the sale starts tomorrow, and ends on Sunday, the 20th. Sadly, Taschen only has 5 stores in the world, Cologne, Paris, Beverly Hills, Hollywood and New York, so if you’re near any of these, I definitely suggest checking it out!


Chloë Sevigny Interview with Black Book

Chloë Sevigny has certainly come a long way, from her early days of starring in Harmony Korine films, to the late 90’s where she earned golden globe and academy award nominations for her role in Boys Don’t Cry, to the present where she stars in the show Big Love, playing a wife to a polygamist. You could even say her fame has become meteoric, which seems so weird to me, because I remember her as the girl from Gummo who put tape on her boobs to make them bigger. But now she’s starring in movies with Jake Gyllenahl and representing giant cosmetic companies like MAC. But I think she definitely deserves everything she’s been given, she’s definitely worked hard and has been everywhere.

Black Book just posted a great interview with her, talking a bit about her new line of clothes, nude scenes on Big Love, and her love/hate relationship with Los Angeles:

I lived in Los Angeles for a while, West Hollywood, and it was just miserable. I had these loud, obnoxious lesbian neighbors, who were always playing Trivial Pursuit, yelling answers to each other out the window, screaming. My friends thought I was nuts: “Why are you living there? West Hollywood is for actors who are struggling to make it. You need to get out of there,” which was true. I guess it’s like some actor stepping-stone-something.

Anyway, I was miserable. I rent a house in Los Feliz now, while we’re shooting, a guest house—very small, smaller than my New York apartment. It’s a cabin, really, like 200 square feet, and it has no heat. I’m still paying for it right now actually, because I didn’t want to deal with storage. The house is set into a hill, so I get all these weird underground insects. They come in from the walls. Very, very creepy.

I actually live basically in Los Feliz, in an apartment about that small, so it’s nice to know that if Chloë can do it, so can I, haha…


Hello Milo

Hello Milo is the online portfolio site of British designer/illustrator Jonathon Davies, a guy with a certain knack for color, as you can see by the piece above. It’s a calender he did to promote himself for 2008, and it’s quite ingenious.

On the outside it shows you different words with corresponding colors, like the word Glorious in a beautiful goldenrod color. Then you flip open the calender and inside it gives you a color representation of each month, and it’s approximate temperature. I was born in August, so I can expect the weather to be somewhere between Balmy and Sweltering, which is quite appropriate. Now I just need to get my hands on one of these!


Giant Animated Apple Ad on NY Times Front Page

The NY Times this morning has a massive Apple ad featuring Mac and PC, and a quote from the Wall Street Journal. The quote states “Leopard is better and faster than Vista”, so PC gets up on a ladder and staples a sign next to it saying “NOT”, and then tells Mac that they have the whole internet to correct. It’s a pretty cool little ad, especially because they go out of one frame and into another, yet again Apple is showing everyone just how dang clever they are.

But is the ad a slight barb at The Wall Street Journal as well? It’s kind of odd that the NY Times would be running an ad which criticizes another major newspaper… or is it? Anyhow, Apple keeps me happy with little treats like this.

Update: My friend JKim alerted me that the ad is also up on The Wall Street Journal’s site as well, so I guess there’s no beef?


As a nice break from cars and technology, here’s a nice post about graphic design. Sébastien Vigne and Julien Notter have a wonderful portfolio site called, which features work since they’ve started their co-operation. Some of it is very bare and simple, but then there are pieces like the one above, a poster for the Lausanne Film & Music festival, which is an absolute stroke of genius.

Also be sure to check out their packaging work for the band Reverse Engineering. The record cases are pretty simple, using only black and white to print with, but they’re use of amazing images and fonts really make them stand out.