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Monument Snowboards

In the entry below I wrote about a bike I really love, but I don’t know anything about them. The same could definitely said about snowboards and snowboarding in general, which I hate because I fall on my ass too much. But I can definitely tell you if the graphics on the board are rad or not.
Monument Snowboards is an East Coast company who’s teamed up with some pretty rad artists for their 2007/2008 boards, and they turned out pretty well.

The designs you see above are by The Graves and Maya Hayuk, respectively, who are joined by J. Penry, Donny Miller, Peter Beste, East River Drive, and Sandro/Koop. The boards go for about $500 a piece, which may or may not be cheap, I have no idea. But I’d say that having one of these boards would make you cooler than all the other bros out on the mountain.


Affinity Pursuit Bike

Living in driving in Los Angeles, the idea of anyone riding their bike around town is absolutely absurd to me. I know plenty of people do it, I almost hit them every day. The reason? Because there are cars parked on the side of the street, the streets are too narrow anyhow, and there are maybe 12 bike lanes in all of Los Angeles. Even so, I’d still love to be able to own a cool bike that I could ride to the store and go do random errands. And if I could, it would totally be the bike you see above.

I honestly know zero to nothing about bikes, but something about this bike makes me really happy. I’ve had this link on my desktop for months now, opening it up now and then just to check it out. I think it looks somewhat futuristic, and totally modern with it’s all white frame. The owner is some guy in San Francisco, and he describes the bike as “beautiful, stiff, and could survive the apocalypse.” That’s my kind of bike… epic. For more technical info, as well as some pictures, check out his velospace.


Adam Cvijanovic’s Love Poem

Usually when I draw things, I tend to draw them quite small and detailed. But when I was in college, taking figure drawing and painting classes, I was forced to draw things pretty damn big, at least compared to what I was used to. But in comparison, it’s nothing when looking at the work of Adam Cvijanovic’s giant murals.

The piece above is called ‘Love Poem’, and portrays Los Angeles ten minutes after the end of gravity. Buildings have been ripped from their foundation, cars are and rubble floating here and there. All of this is portrayed in a three piece mural that stretches over 75 feet long, and is 14 feet high. I can imagine seeing this in person would be such a visual treat. Check out more pictures of the mural above by visiting the Saatchi Gallery.


Erwin Olaf

Looking at the photos of Erwin Olaf you can tell he’s a very talented guy, even though they might be a little off-kilter. Olaf was born in The Netherlands in 1959 and has been shooting for about 25 years now. In the photos above, taken from his series Rain, he takes a Norman Rockwell approach to his photos, with strong, but desaturated colors, and an intense feeling of nostalgia. But this is just a few of the photos from the many series of photos he’s taken, not to mention video and other projects he’s done as well.
Not all of his photos are safe for work, and there are some naked people in some of them, jsyk. But they’re still pretty amazing, so definitely check them out.


New Urban Outfitters Pillows

I received the new Urban Outfitters catalog in the mail yesterday and was pretty underwhelmed for the most part. But I did enjoy their new collection of pillows, a couple of them with the great illustrations from Julia Rothman. The pillows with the bird and the Statue of Liberty are called ‘Life in the 21st ______”, except you insert New York and City of Lights into the blank space there. I love how bright and beautiful the collages are on them.

The pillows go for about $25 and you can order them online here.

Coachella Is Now Dad Friendly

I’ve lived in Los Angeles for almost 3 years now, and I can proudly say that I’ve never been to Coachella. I used to go to the Warped Tour when I was in high school, and I definitely got my fill of masses of sweaty, dirty punks running around being generally obnoxious and spending $9 on a tofu burger patty with no bun. I know it would be cool to see a ton of my favorite bands, but from what I’ve heard it mostly a ton of money and 3 days of hell.

Now seeing this years line up, it should be a lot cheaper for kids to go, seeing as how this is the year their dad will want to join them! Look at those headliners! Jack Johnson?! Roger Waters from Pink Floyd?! Love and Rockets?! Like, I really don’t understand how anyone that’s not approaching their 40’s will enjoy this show!! Since when is Jack Johnson popular?!?!?!

I’d much rather see a bunch of the bands whose names are in tiny writing than any of those big name assholes. It’s almost like Clear Channel bought Coachella and made the concert as lame as humanly possible. What a waste of time.

Update: I think Heath said it best in the comments, that they put the filler bands in bold letters. I still think there are a lot of good bands though.
I’d love to see The Verve, Animal Collective, Battles, Diplo, Jens Lekman, Cut Copy, The Bees, Rogue Wave, Rilo Kiley, Mark Ronson (plus Santo Gold for some Pretty Green!), Islands, The Teenagers, VHS or Beta, Uffie, and The Streets. Man, the last day looks depressing.


P.S. You should DIGG this because it makes me laugh, haha…

Nike Varsity Pop Up Store

Jeff and I went shopping with our friend Garrett this weekend and he decided that he needed to get a new pair of shoes. So we stopped by the Undefeated on La Brea, seeing as how they carry a pretty good variety of shoes. But as we drove by, we noticed a bunch of skanky looking girls hanging out in front of a brightly colored shop bouncing basketballs and talking on their cellphones. Since this was only a few doors down from Undefeated, we decided to check it out.

It turns out the location is called One Forty Four Lab, and the space is now being occupied by a pop up store collaboration between Undefeated and Nike. Every Wednesday and Saturday the store will be releasing exclusive t-shirts in exclusive colors, as most of these things go. When we went in they had shoes for sale, a DJ playing music, and even food. Upstairs there was a big manga on the wall about some Goku looking guy playing basketball.

My favorite parts were the floor, which looked like an old basketball court, and the shoes were pretty rad as well. They looked like they were from a vintage basketball team. If you have a chance, be sure to check out the store, which should be up until the end of the month.


Tomer Hanuka Prints

This weekend I finally got my Todd St. John print framed this weekend and put on the wall, along with some other things I’ve been meaning to put up as well, so that felt good. But now I’m constantly on the lookout for new fun prints. Cut to Tomer Hanuka, a favorite artist of my since reading his comic bipolar years and years ago that he contributed on with his twin brother, Asaf.

Since then he’s illustrations have been all over the place, including gracing the cover of the newest issue of Juxtapoz. Because his art is so damn amazing, he’s started selling prints in his new online store called Mono Myth. The prints are 13″ x 19″, full color and come in editions of 50, and signed and numbered. They go for $120 each, which is a bit more than I spend, but I’m sure there are a lot of people who could afford his beautiful works.


Juno Soundtrack

As of the last 6 months I’ve been trying to accumulate more and more soundtracks that I really enjoy. I think this mostly started with the soundtracks to Lost in Translation and Punch Drunk Love. Both contains memorable pop songs, and wonderful instrumental tracks that keep the overall feeling going. I think this is also true of the soundtrack to the movie Juno.

Juno’s soundtrack is strung together though not by instrumentals, but by the near adolescent crooning of Kimya Dawson, one time member of the Moldy Peaches. When I first heard the Moldy Peaches I wasn’t a big fan, but know that I have images from the movie swirling in my head. But my absolute favorite song on the entire album is Superstar by Sonic Youth. The song comes from a compilation called “If I Were a Carpenter“, a collection of bands doing covers of classic Carpenters songs.

I’ve installed one of those fancy mp3 players so you can listen to the file immediately, hopefully it works!

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Sonic Youth / Superstar (mp3)


Last Week in Music | 1/13/08 – 1/20/08

It’s Monday already, the weekend totally flew by, but it was quite productive, and Jeff and I had a lot of fun. I hope everyone else had a nice weekend! I’ve also slowly realized that my scrobbly thing is still not working with my iPod. I accidentally deleted it from the preference menu, and now I can’t get it to show up again. Whatever, I downloaded iScrobble, and it should fix things (crosses fingers).

As for the music I listened to last week, it consisted of mostly things I listened to over the weekend. Jeff and I left Stars going all day Sunday, along with Radiohead, because they’re both awesome. I listened to the new Magnetic Fields record a lot, I’m really enjoying it, even though it’s pretty different from I, which is my favorite album. I’ve also been listening to a lot more Doves lately, sort of getting back into them some.

I’ve also become a pretty big fan of Caribou as well. I’ve slowly been listening to them more and more, including a two disc re-issue of Start Breaking My Heart, which is quite good. It’s very electronic, not quite as pop as his newer stuff is, but I’m a fan of IDM so I enjoy it quite a bit.
Also towards the bottom of the list is Ratatat, which I had the urge to listen to after hearing it in the party scene in Cloverfield.