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The New Yorker’s Eustace Tilley Contest

The New Yorker was (until yesterday at 9 AM) holding a competition to create your own version of the iconic cover character, Eustice Tilly. The contest was open to anyone, and the entries are all pretty great. My favorite one hands down though was the image above, Eustace vs. The Gates. Obviously Christo’s saffron monsters are too much for the dandy, yet he still stands poised as ever behind it.

You can check out the rest of the entires on the New Yorker’s Contest Flickr. Winners of the project will be announced on February 4th.


Jesse Kirsch

Package design has alway been one of my favorite parts of design. Package something in a unique and clever way and people will be immediately drawn to it. And I was completely drawn to the work in Jesse Kirsch’s online portfolio. Kirsch studied at the School of Visual Arts in New York, and has worked with a clients like Atlantic Records and Showtime, and has received a ton of awards for his work.

I could totally see a company like Muji selling his plastic wrap and other assorted household items, with it’s bold letters and grayscale color palette. And I don’t know what flavors the Gubble Bum comes in (Death? Posion?!) but the idea is so frigging cute. Middle school girls would go nuts for them.


Realistic Loch Ness Monster Lives in Tokyo Bay

Since the Japanese always have the coolest things before anyone else, it’s not very surprising to see that they can create and almost realistic Loch Ness monster for that crap movie, The Water Horse. The promotion is taking place in Tokyo bay, where they’ve set up a water screen and some water fountains to give the light something to bounce off of. The effect is absolutely amazing! This is like Princess Leia shooting out of R2-D2 level of realism here.

No matter how cool this is, the movie looks ridiculous, and I would rather chew off my fingertips than see it.


EazzzY~! Mini USB Camera

Since I got my iPhone I’ve started taking more and more pictures with it. It’s not like they’re worth hanging on a wall or anything, but it’s fun to catch random things that most people don’t see. So having a mini camera like the Eazzzy~! would be really fun to carry around. It’s got a ridiculous name, but the concept is pretty awesome.

Imagine taking a cellphone camera, but putting it into the form of a tiny camera. There’s no viewfinder or screen, you just point and shoot Lomo style. Then you plug it into a USB port and download the pictures. I think this could be really great for kids especially, who just want something fun and easy to use, and the bright colors would are fun as well. Now they need to make a high gloss black one and I’m in!


Super Mario Bros. 2 with Drums

Growing up, I was a hardcore Super Mario Bros 2 fan. I wasn’t cool like all of the other kids who played Super Mario 3, I enjoyed the campyness of Mario 2. You got four character to choose from, the slot machine after each level to win more lives, the potions that opened doors to bizarro worlds… what wasn’t to love?

Andrea Vadrucci must have been like me, as you can see in the video above, who’s spiced up the classic soundtrack with some punk-ish drumming. My favorite part is at about 2:05 when he gets to the boss battle music.I can totally picture Princess jumping on the eggs that Bird-O shot out and throwing it at her, and when it hits her she makes that pained sound. That sound brought me such pleasure as a small child.
Also, his double bass pedals are pretty fun. It’s a pretty dorky idea, but it certainly made me smile this morning.

Found through Joystiq

Bobby Has Freed the Music announced today that it’s worked out a deal with major and indie record labels to be allowed to stream full songs and albums by artists. This is apretty crazy announcement, seeing as how this means you can preview entire records if you want to. I guess that the labels are getting paid every time a track is streamed, so I hope that doesn’t start throwing more ads into the works, but overall this sounds rad.

The songs can be played up to 3 times before you’re given a notice talking about their upcoming subscription service that they’ll be releasing. With this plan, you’d be able to play tracks as much as you want “and some other useful things.” It’s a cool idea to be able to listen to any album, any where, all the way through. I wonder how this might effect all the other players in the music game like Apple and Amazon?


Advice To Sink In Slowly Posters

Beginning in 2006, the graduates of University College Falmouth have been creating posters with words of wisdom for the incoming freshman class. The posters are given as a gift to the students, and hold such great nuggets of truth like, “Don’t Fuck Your Flatmate”, or “Let go of what you think you know.” It’s like those horrible, inspirational posters from the 80s’, except these posters are slightly amazing.

The best part of this whole thing is that the posters are for sale at the Advice To Sink Slowly In site, for only £5 a piece! You’re thinking, oh, they must be absolutely tiny! Well they’re actually an A3 size (or roughly 11″ x 16″ for the Americans), so they’re pretty damn huge! My favorites are the ones above created by Luke Tong, which features some amazing anatomical drawings with bright red ink over the top of ’em. Really amazing stuff.

You can check out a ton more of the posters at the link above, or by visiting their Flickr account.


The New York City Waterfalls by Olafur Eliasson

I’m sort of behind on posting about this, but Olafur Eliasson is installing four giant waterfalls throughout New York this summer. The falls will be located most noticeably below the Brooklyn Bridge, looking almost like it’s pouring right out of the bridge, or so the mock up looks. The other ones will be put between Piers 4 and 5 in Brooklyn, on Governor’s Island, and on Pier 35 in Manhattan. The project should be completed sometime in July, and will run until October.

I’m hoping these turn out as good as the other work I’ve seen of Eliasson’s. His exhibit at the MoMA definitely gives me a good amount of hope.


Meet My New Child, Tippy

Last weekend, Jeff and I were shopping at IKEA, when out of nowhere he suggests that we get a fish. I’ve had fish before, and I usually get bored of them, but I thought, what the hell, let’s do it. So we found a big glass vase, and then headed to the janky, bootleg pet store down the street.
When we got there, the selection for fishes was quite slim, but then Jeff noticed something swimming in the water,

“Oh look, it’s a turtle!”

Sure enough, swimming around the tank was the cutest little turtle, no bigger than two quarters put end to end. I looked around the store more, but all i could think about was that adorable little turtle. Everyone has fish, but how many people do you know have a turtle? Like none. So we bought the turtle and took him home. His name is Tippy, named after someone’s childhood dog. I thought the name was cute, so I totally stole it. He’s a Red-ear slider, and is a lot of fun to watch swim.

Kitsune Noir may just have a new mascot.