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Sébastien Tellier / Sexuality

Continuing with a French theme here, I finally was able to hear Sébastien Tellier’s new album, Sexuality, and I have to say I’m impressed. Since the first time I heard Fantino in Lost in Translation, I was obsessed with finding out more about him. It turns out that Sébastien is signed to Air’s label, Record Makers, which is how he got connected with Sofia Coppola and Brian Retzell.
His first album, L’incroyable Vérité (The Incredible Truth) is extremely dark and brooding, but beautiful in it’s nuances and details. His next album, Politics, was… well, pretty weird. But there were a few beautiful exceptions like the song La Ritournelle, an endless piano melody played over drums, strings that dramatically kick in midway, and then finally Tellier’s beautiful, disco-tinged voice.

Now with Sexuality, I would say that he’s gone almost to the point of experimental. Gone are most traditional instruments, traded in for the synthetic sounds of Guy-Manuel de Homem-Christo, better known as one half of Daft Punk. The album was supposedly inspired by a late night soft-core TV broadcast, and the album certainly reflects that. Imagine Daft Punk directing an 80’s, cyber punk porn, with Sébastien Tellier as the sweat drenched star. That sounds cheesy, and the album almost is, except it’s done so well that it’s extremely enjoyable to listen to.

Below I’ve posted some mp3’s for everyone to listen to, hopefully everyone can enjoy him as much as I do.

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Sébastien Tellier / Fantino

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Sébastien Tellier / La Ritournelle

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Sébastien Tellier / Look

Air’s Pocket Symphony Site

Since I was listening to Air all weekend, I decided to check out their website, wondering if they came out with any more new music videos. Upon visiting, I couldn’t believe how simple and beautiful their site was! I love that their whole site is presented on a desk, with all of the objects representing links to the rest of the site. The small figures of the band members is the bio section, the speakers is the audio section, the TV is music videos, so on and so forth. To top it all off is the atmospheric lights and the big, beautiful window showing what looks like the dawn coming up, with birds flying by. I’ve also seen it before where there are stars in the sky, so possibly the window’s view changes?

More sites should evoke such simple beauty as this, the internet would be better for it.


Last Week in Music | 1/20/08 – 1/27/08

Last week I decided to download and start using iScrobbler and completely ditch’s silly scrobbler. The thing never worked for me, but iScrobbler is doing a much, MUCH better job. It works through Growl, (which some of you may know what that is, I barely do) and has been a lot more simple to use.

As for music, the most played artist was Air, as I was having some weird craving for easy listening French music. Next up was Spoon, which came up while I was listening to my iTunes on random, and I then played every album multiple times. Caribou and Beirut’s older stuff has been going still, and then is a chunk of songs that are from mixes that I made. After that is Destroyer, who I’ve been trying to get into and The Magnetic Fields, who’s new album is really great. Explosions in the Sky popped in there because I was listening to them while I read The Road. Their sound definitely matched up with the tone of the book, and it definitely helped while I read it.


Jeff and I Are Famous

Okay, so this is totally bizarre.
I just got an e-mail from my friend Graham, telling me that Jeff and I are on Getty. We both work for and are friends with photographers, so there are photos of us on Getty. But he attached a screen shot, and we’re on the FRONT PAGE! We represent all creative photos in the Getty universe! So totally weird!

The photo was taken by our friend Christa Renee, who shoots for companies like Pacific Sunwear, Roxy, and Apple. She’s really rad and takes some awesome photos, as evidenced by what you see above!


Nixon’s Winter ’08 Collections

Nixon’s new winter collections definitely don’t disappoint as they continue to build upon they’re already strong base of products. They’ve got 5 new collections, one of which I’ve posted about previously. There’s the Cambrdige collection (for men & women) which is a fresh take on old, collegiate style, Prowler for men, which blends houndstooth with a Ferrari color palette, and Mod Pop for women, a British inspired colelction full of strong lines and a lot of purple.

A couple of my favorite pieces are the wallets above. When I look at them, I think they look ‘smart’, something you would be complimented about at the bank. I really like how they’re putting a lot more textures into everything they make. It makes their products feel like they’re for people of all ages.


Black Mirror / rorriM kcalB

The Arcade Fire has released a new interactive online video, this time featuring the song ‘Black Mirror’. This is definitely one of the better songs off of Neon Bible, and the video (and experience involved) is pretty rad.

The video is pretty ambiguous, but it seems like a giant head in the ocean sinks a Titanic-esque ship, forcing people to boats. In one of the boats is a man with a glowing jar, possibly what the giant head monster was looking for? The man with the bottle then swims out to the giant head, and allows him to eat him a la Pinocchio. Inside the head, the man is captured by pyramid creatures, thrown down a sort of conveyer belt until he reaches then end, where the black mirror resides. Inside the mirror are dancers, and bubbles/pearls…. I really don’t know.

The video is very cool looking, and like I said earlier, interactive. You can hit the number keys 1-6, which start and stop certain instruments in the song. I think they threw in some additional instrumentation as well, to give the song more depth and to allow you more things to control.

Also be sure to check out the previous video they did like this for Neon Bible.


Caroline Kennedy: “A President Like My Father”

I’m only 25, so I don’t personally know about the effect that John F. Kennedy had on the country, but the overall feeling I get is that he was one of the greatest that we’ve ever had. So reading Caroline Kennedy’s piece in the New York Times backing Barack Obama for president makes me feel good inside. Here’s a small part:

Sometimes it takes a while to recognize that someone has a special ability to get us to believe in ourselves, to tie that belief to our highest ideals and imagine that together we can do great things. In those rare moments, when such a person comes along, we need to put aside our plans and reach for what we know is possible.

We have that kind of opportunity with Senator Obama. It isn’t that the other candidates are not experienced or knowledgeable. But this year, that may not be enough. We need a change in the leadership of this country — just as we did in 1960.

It seems like most people are finally seeing the Clintons as the pair of goons they are, and slowly realizing that what we really need is change.


Newsweeks’ Oscar Roundtable

Last week, Newsweek posted it’s 11th Annual Oscar Roundtable, which brings together six of the biggest Oscar contenders and has a nice chat with them. The conversation comes in 14 parts, each running anywhere from 2 to 8 minutes, all of them being extremely interesting. This years roundup brought Angelina Jolie, Daniel Day-Lewis, Ellen Page, George Clooney, Marion Cotillard, and James McAvoy.

The conversation goes all over the place, from their first job, politics, and obnoxious neighbors. George Clooney provided the best story of the night, talking about an encounter he had with helicopters flying over his because Britney Spears lives 300 km away from his house. Listening to him tell his stories, it’s very evident how extremely nice and genuine he is. I also learned that every actor in the world is in utter awe of Daniel Day-Lewis and the performances he gives. Definitely worth the hour investment.


Soap Refill Bottles

I spotted these amazing bottles over at The Dieline (which is becoming one of my favorite new sites) and had to post about it. They’re pretty simply, just refill bottles for hand soap, or so it looks to me. On each bottle though is a beautifully disgusting photo of a big dirty mess. The images combined with bold text and stark white bottles make quite an awesome impact. I would want the whole set though! They were created by a company from Singapore called Kinetic, who may have done these for internal use only, seeing as they’re not for sale anywhere else.


Design by Pidgeon

I think today is going to be product design Friday, seeing as how there’s going to be another product design-y thing above this one.
The teacup you see is by Design by Pidgeon, an Australian collective who design pretty much anything and everything. The teacup was created for the Heide Museum of Modern Art, along with several other products. I love how simple and straightforward the design is, but at the same time it’s pretty damn clever.

Be sure to check the rest of their site while you’re at it.
They have a ton of really great work, and this one, tiny teacup doesn’t do them any justice.