China Unveils the “Water Cube”

Earlier today China officially announced the opening of the National Aquatics Centre, the giant, $143 million dollar center that will host the swimming, diving, and synchronized swimming competitions in the upcoming Olympic ceremony. The structure was designed by Australian architects PTW, and is made steel and over 100,000 ETFE pillows, which are only eight one-thousandths thick.

I think the soap bubble structure looks really great, but like article states, the bubbles need some scrubbing to get all of the construction grit and grime off it before it’ll shine. It will also be lit by night by a system of LED lights that can turn the whole thing any of 16.7 million colors. I just hope that they get the rest of the grounds in shape before August, because in the pictures above, it looks kind of gray and scary. Hopefully the next few months will give them all the time they need.


January 29, 2008