Last Week in Music | 1/20/08 – 1/27/08

Last week I decided to download and start using iScrobbler and completely ditch’s silly scrobbler. The thing never worked for me, but iScrobbler is doing a much, MUCH better job. It works through Growl, (which some of you may know what that is, I barely do) and has been a lot more simple to use.

As for music, the most played artist was Air, as I was having some weird craving for easy listening French music. Next up was Spoon, which came up while I was listening to my iTunes on random, and I then played every album multiple times. Caribou and Beirut’s older stuff has been going still, and then is a chunk of songs that are from mixes that I made. After that is Destroyer, who I’ve been trying to get into and The Magnetic Fields, who’s new album is really great. Explosions in the Sky popped in there because I was listening to them while I read The Road. Their sound definitely matched up with the tone of the book, and it definitely helped while I read it.


January 28, 2008