Black Mirror / rorriM kcalB

The Arcade Fire has released a new interactive online video, this time featuring the song ‘Black Mirror’. This is definitely one of the better songs off of Neon Bible, and the video (and experience involved) is pretty rad.

The video is pretty ambiguous, but it seems like a giant head in the ocean sinks a Titanic-esque ship, forcing people to boats. In one of the boats is a man with a glowing jar, possibly what the giant head monster was looking for? The man with the bottle then swims out to the giant head, and allows him to eat him a la Pinocchio. Inside the head, the man is captured by pyramid creatures, thrown down a sort of conveyer belt until he reaches then end, where the black mirror resides. Inside the mirror are dancers, and bubbles/pearls…. I really don’t know.

The video is very cool looking, and like I said earlier, interactive. You can hit the number keys 1-6, which start and stop certain instruments in the song. I think they threw in some additional instrumentation as well, to give the song more depth and to allow you more things to control.

Also be sure to check out the previous video they did like this for Neon Bible.


January 27, 2008