Super Mario Bros. 2 with Drums

Growing up, I was a hardcore Super Mario Bros 2 fan. I wasn’t cool like all of the other kids who played Super Mario 3, I enjoyed the campyness of Mario 2. You got four character to choose from, the slot machine after each level to win more lives, the potions that opened doors to bizarro worlds… what wasn’t to love?

Andrea Vadrucci must have been like me, as you can see in the video above, who’s spiced up the classic soundtrack with some punk-ish drumming. My favorite part is at about 2:05 when he gets to the boss battle music.I can totally picture Princess jumping on the eggs that Bird-O shot out and throwing it at her, and when it hits her she makes that pained sound. That sound brought me such pleasure as a small child.
Also, his double bass pedals are pretty fun. It’s a pretty dorky idea, but it certainly made me smile this morning.

Found through Joystiq


January 24, 2008 / By