Monument Snowboards

In the entry below I wrote about a bike I really love, but I don’t know anything about them. The same could definitely said about snowboards and snowboarding in general, which I hate because I fall on my ass too much. But I can definitely tell you if the graphics on the board are rad or not.
Monument Snowboards is an East Coast company who’s teamed up with some pretty rad artists for their 2007/2008 boards, and they turned out pretty well.

The designs you see above are by The Graves and Maya Hayuk, respectively, who are joined by J. Penry, Donny Miller, Peter Beste, East River Drive, and Sandro/Koop. The boards go for about $500 a piece, which may or may not be cheap, I have no idea. But I’d say that having one of these boards would make you cooler than all the other bros out on the mountain.


January 22, 2008