Affinity Pursuit Bike

Living in driving in Los Angeles, the idea of anyone riding their bike around town is absolutely absurd to me. I know plenty of people do it, I almost hit them every day. The reason? Because there are cars parked on the side of the street, the streets are too narrow anyhow, and there are maybe 12 bike lanes in all of Los Angeles. Even so, I’d still love to be able to own a cool bike that I could ride to the store and go do random errands. And if I could, it would totally be the bike you see above.

I honestly know zero to nothing about bikes, but something about this bike makes me really happy. I’ve had this link on my desktop for months now, opening it up now and then just to check it out. I think it looks somewhat futuristic, and totally modern with it’s all white frame. The owner is some guy in San Francisco, and he describes the bike as “beautiful, stiff, and could survive the apocalypse.” That’s my kind of bike… epic. For more technical info, as well as some pictures, check out his velospace.


January 22, 2008