Tomer Hanuka Prints

This weekend I finally got my Todd St. John print framed this weekend and put on the wall, along with some other things I’ve been meaning to put up as well, so that felt good. But now I’m constantly on the lookout for new fun prints. Cut to Tomer Hanuka, a favorite artist of my since reading his comic bipolar years and years ago that he contributed on with his twin brother, Asaf.

Since then he’s illustrations have been all over the place, including gracing the cover of the newest issue of Juxtapoz. Because his art is so damn amazing, he’s started selling prints in his new online store called Mono Myth. The prints are 13″ x 19″, full color and come in editions of 50, and signed and numbered. They go for $120 each, which is a bit more than I spend, but I’m sure there are a lot of people who could afford his beautiful works.


January 21, 2008