Nike Varsity Pop Up Store

Jeff and I went shopping with our friend Garrett this weekend and he decided that he needed to get a new pair of shoes. So we stopped by the Undefeated on La Brea, seeing as how they carry a pretty good variety of shoes. But as we drove by, we noticed a bunch of skanky looking girls hanging out in front of a brightly colored shop bouncing basketballs and talking on their cellphones. Since this was only a few doors down from Undefeated, we decided to check it out.

It turns out the location is called One Forty Four Lab, and the space is now being occupied by a pop up store collaboration between Undefeated and Nike. Every Wednesday and Saturday the store will be releasing exclusive t-shirts in exclusive colors, as most of these things go. When we went in they had shoes for sale, a DJ playing music, and even food. Upstairs there was a big manga on the wall about some Goku looking guy playing basketball.

My favorite parts were the floor, which looked like an old basketball court, and the shoes were pretty rad as well. They looked like they were from a vintage basketball team. If you have a chance, be sure to check out the store, which should be up until the end of the month.


January 21, 2008