Juno Soundtrack

As of the last 6 months I’ve been trying to accumulate more and more soundtracks that I really enjoy. I think this mostly started with the soundtracks to Lost in Translation and Punch Drunk Love. Both contains memorable pop songs, and wonderful instrumental tracks that keep the overall feeling going. I think this is also true of the soundtrack to the movie Juno.

Juno’s soundtrack is strung together though not by instrumentals, but by the near adolescent crooning of Kimya Dawson, one time member of the Moldy Peaches. When I first heard the Moldy Peaches I wasn’t a big fan, but know that I have images from the movie swirling in my head. But my absolute favorite song on the entire album is Superstar by Sonic Youth. The song comes from a compilation called “If I Were a Carpenter“, a collection of bands doing covers of classic Carpenters songs.

I’ve installed one of those fancy mp3 players so you can listen to the file immediately, hopefully it works!

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Sonic Youth / Superstar (mp3)


January 21, 2008