Coachella Is Now Dad Friendly

I’ve lived in Los Angeles for almost 3 years now, and I can proudly say that I’ve never been to Coachella. I used to go to the Warped Tour when I was in high school, and I definitely got my fill of masses of sweaty, dirty punks running around being generally obnoxious and spending $9 on a tofu burger patty with no bun. I know it would be cool to see a ton of my favorite bands, but from what I’ve heard it mostly a ton of money and 3 days of hell.

Now seeing this years line up, it should be a lot cheaper for kids to go, seeing as how this is the year their dad will want to join them! Look at those headliners! Jack Johnson?! Roger Waters from Pink Floyd?! Love and Rockets?! Like, I really don’t understand how anyone that’s not approaching their 40’s will enjoy this show!! Since when is Jack Johnson popular?!?!?!

I’d much rather see a bunch of the bands whose names are in tiny writing than any of those big name assholes. It’s almost like Clear Channel bought Coachella and made the concert as lame as humanly possible. What a waste of time.

Update: I think Heath said it best in the comments, that they put the filler bands in bold letters. I still think there are a lot of good bands though.
I’d love to see The Verve, Animal Collective, Battles, Diplo, Jens Lekman, Cut Copy, The Bees, Rogue Wave, Rilo Kiley, Mark Ronson (plus Santo Gold for some Pretty Green!), Islands, The Teenagers, VHS or Beta, Uffie, and The Streets. Man, the last day looks depressing.


P.S. You should DIGG this because it makes me laugh, haha…

January 21, 2008