Giant Animated Apple Ad on NY Times Front Page

The NY Times this morning has a massive Apple ad featuring Mac and PC, and a quote from the Wall Street Journal. The quote states “Leopard is better and faster than Vista”, so PC gets up on a ladder and staples a sign next to it saying “NOT”, and then tells Mac that they have the whole internet to correct. It’s a pretty cool little ad, especially because they go out of one frame and into another, yet again Apple is showing everyone just how dang clever they are.

But is the ad a slight barb at The Wall Street Journal as well? It’s kind of odd that the NY Times would be running an ad which criticizes another major newspaper… or is it? Anyhow, Apple keeps me happy with little treats like this.

Update: My friend JKim alerted me that the ad is also up on The Wall Street Journal’s site as well, so I guess there’s no beef?


January 17, 2008