Chloë Sevigny Interview with Black Book

Chloë Sevigny has certainly come a long way, from her early days of starring in Harmony Korine films, to the late 90’s where she earned golden globe and academy award nominations for her role in Boys Don’t Cry, to the present where she stars in the show Big Love, playing a wife to a polygamist. You could even say her fame has become meteoric, which seems so weird to me, because I remember her as the girl from Gummo who put tape on her boobs to make them bigger. But now she’s starring in movies with Jake Gyllenahl and representing giant cosmetic companies like MAC. But I think she definitely deserves everything she’s been given, she’s definitely worked hard and has been everywhere.

Black Book just posted a great interview with her, talking a bit about her new line of clothes, nude scenes on Big Love, and her love/hate relationship with Los Angeles:

I lived in Los Angeles for a while, West Hollywood, and it was just miserable. I had these loud, obnoxious lesbian neighbors, who were always playing Trivial Pursuit, yelling answers to each other out the window, screaming. My friends thought I was nuts: “Why are you living there? West Hollywood is for actors who are struggling to make it. You need to get out of there,” which was true. I guess it’s like some actor stepping-stone-something.

Anyway, I was miserable. I rent a house in Los Feliz now, while we’re shooting, a guest house—very small, smaller than my New York apartment. It’s a cabin, really, like 200 square feet, and it has no heat. I’m still paying for it right now actually, because I didn’t want to deal with storage. The house is set into a hill, so I get all these weird underground insects. They come in from the walls. Very, very creepy.

I actually live basically in Los Feliz, in an apartment about that small, so it’s nice to know that if Chloë can do it, so can I, haha…


January 17, 2008