Jeep Renegade

For the longest time now I’ve had this weird fondness for dune buggies. I always thought there was something quite cool about the body shape, and how the only thing above you were roll bars. It might also have to do with the over of the original Gorillaz album, but I think it started before that. Now Jeep has obviously taken my love for dune buggies and translated into their new concept vehicle, the Renegade. This is what would happen if they sent a dune buggy into the future, and it came back modified by aliens.

I think this is such a rad looking car. I love how it doesn’t look like anything on the road right now. The over sized tires make the body look even better, the grill is a part of the aluminum frame, the tiny eye like headlamps… the whole thing is amazing. I also really like that color a lot as well, giving it an even earthier feel.

For a ton more info that I don’t really know about, be sure to check out Autoblog’s post about it.


January 16, 2008