The Loremo

I saw this floating around the internet somewhere last week and was immediately excited by it. It’s called the Loremo, which is made by Loremo AG.. As you can see, the car opens up from the front, which is a pretty cool trick. But what really makes it special is that it only weighs around 1000 lbs., making it a really light car. The lighter your car, the better gas mileage you get, and this puppy here gets about 150 MPG on diesel fuel. Yep.

The other sweet part of this car is that it’s going to come in two different models. The first is with a 20 hp, 2 cylinder turbodiesel that will run about $13,000, and the second is a 50 hp, 3 cylinder engine that goes for about $18,000. That’s pretty cheap for a car that gets such exceptional gas mileage.


January 15, 2008